You have a simple website and an admin page. But you may not want to build an authentication system or back-end code to do it. …

So, I have a deployment shell script — obviously for the purpose of deploying the built jar in the server. The shell script will have steps to deploy the application like — stop current service, replace jar and start latest.

But you also may need to send a notification or need to understand if the app is up after you have deployed the latest. I’m using a spring-boot application and enabled actuator end point (/actuator/health).

So, you can call the api for some seconds or minutes until the app goes live. When the api returns success, that means the application is up. Below is the script that could be used.

This article will guide you through, how you could upload the generated artefacts from CircleCI to GitHub. I am using a spring-boot project here.

Chain: Git Tag -> GitHub -> CircleCI ->GitHub

When a release is being made using git tags, you might need to store the artefacts. So, the…

I am sure that if you are here, you definitely heard about docker few times at-least. Docker and containerisation are the buzz words of any team these days. So, there are few similar words related do docker. …

Until this morning, I wasn’t experimented this feature. But I’m a big fan of it now. Today, when I was scrolling through a profile, I got a chance to see some article on it and so, I wanted to try it out.

GitHub Actions can be considered as bot. It…

If you are here, you might have some basic understanding of docker. If not, Docker is a container technology, which helps to build, package and ship application and its dependencies easily.

Image source

Hope you already have the spring-boot project to try or install docker.

Create a file named Dockerfile in the…

Are you tired answering “did you deployed latest version” question by your peers/developers? This post is for you.

In fact, I was tired answering my peers that the latest code is deployed. Each time when a bug arises, Dev comes to me asking if I had deployed latest changes. …

I was recently working on a spring-boot release management and continuous integration process. As a part of the project, had to do versioning of the releases with GitHub. It took a while to figure out the stuff. So, I thought of writing this.

To get started with, hope you have…

SSH or Secure Command is a network protocol, that helps to connect and perform operation in the remote machine. You can connect to SSH with key or username and password.

Image courtesy

By default SSH uses port 22. You may need to change the ssh port for security security reasons such as…

This is simple guide to building a jar and running the application in Linux based servers as system service.

Image Source

Please check this post to see how to bootstrap/create a simple project.

On spring-boot, we deploy/run jar or war file. Once you have the project, you can run ./gradlew clean bootJar


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