GitHub Actions — Getting started

Until this morning, I wasn’t experimented this feature. But I’m a big fan of it now. Today, when I was scrolling through a profile, I got a chance to see some article on it and so, I wanted to try it out.

GitHub Actions can be considered as bot. It works based on the script we write. It can Deploy an application, manage packages or perform any repository actions.

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Mostly everyone follow the SDLC process to develop any software and that’s necessary. Basically, you can manage all the SDLC process with GitHub actions.

Each action is an individual tasks. A workflow can be called as one or collection of tasks or actions. You can either create your own actions or use built in actions. These action/task or workflows are created in YAML file. The best part of automation is that, you don’t need to manually run it. The actions will be automatically executed based on conditions. Like when you push your code, or when branch is merged and such that.

Let’s create a simple workflow which greets the first time users, who either creates an issue or open a pull request.

  1. All you need to do is, open your repository
  2. Click on Actions tab

3. Scroll down to “Automate every step in your process”

4. Select any open. I am choosing the greeting workflow here.

5. It’ll open you to a page with some code.

6. Click on commit button on right top and you are done.

The above set-up will run whenever there is an PR or issue created by a new user.

I’ll be coming up with series of article on GitHub Actions. Thanks for the read.

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