Why 5 million techies failed to build a globally pervasive app.

Other day, India banned tiktok and other few Chinese apps sighting security as reason. This is actually massive considering the users these apps have in India.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed and spotted a very relevant question from Shiv Aroor.


As I am a tech enthusiast and want to build something to the world, it was time to me to think as why 1.3 billion people or ~4.5 million people in IT failed India to contribute or produce something to the world.

There was an article the other day about funding to tech startups and to other fields. Almost 75%+ investments goes to tech. A major part of software and tech Industry is in India and gets a lot of funding. Still we failed to produce something significant targeting a billion user.

It’s time to think why we are logging to contribute something to the world. What happens in most cases are, when someone goes for engineering — what they think or their parent want them do do is — study and join some good companies and secure their life. If going for Tier 2 or 3 colleges, Companies like, Infosys, Wipro, TechM or any other service based company is their choice. If they are from IIT or some Tier 1 college — Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or some US based companies are their choice.

There are few folks comes into motivated to build category. Which is 0.00X% out of a year’s graduates.

India is far behind in the category because —

  1. Government policies: India’s policy for startups are not good. Heavy tax and taxes on funding makes it difficult to run. That’s why companies go to other countries and registers.
  2. Service based Mentality: India has companies like TCS, TechM, Infosys or Wipro. All these are service based companies and don’t have a product building mentality or ability. If they just use less than 1% people in bench to build a product, that would make significant improvements
  3. Status: People like to say I am working at Google/Amazon rather than saying I am working at ABC company or I am founder of ABC. Because everyone knows ABC and they fails to understand ABC can be more than google at a time.
  4. Indian education system: Indian education system needs a lots of reform to have emphasis to entrepreneurship and skill development through research and development rather than a book warm. There is no emphasis on innovations.
  5. Accessibility issues: India is a vast country. With lots of villages. It falls so behind in providing networking connectivity to remote places. So students or people in remote areas do not have access to the resources on the web until they go and explore from a different place.

Again, we can’t say that we have not done — we’ve Zomato which started in NCR gone to countries like Italy and few countries. We have Paytm which went to Japan and Canada. We’ve got Oyo which is expanded to few countries. There is Byju’s which has a global adoption.

Challenges in building: It is so much challenging to build a product to scale for billion people. Though we could do it, with the infra we have in India it’s quite difficult. Also, there are thousands of laws we should be abide to. When we build a product, it should be privacy first. But when something which is not right happens in the platform, government will request data from companies. If company refuse to provide, government will start bringing new laws to overcome. If company provide data, the users will loose confidence on the platform as their data is not secure.

India builds app for real world rather than creating a virtual world — somewhere from internet.

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